A lively healthcare marketing discussion in New York City

What a treat it was this past week to join the smart folks from National Research Corporation and their super smart healthcare marketing clients at NRC’s Market Insights Fall Consumer Collaborative in New York City.  We spent two days delving into healthcare research findings, exploring changes in the healthcare industry and brainstorming ideas to advance marketing practices.

I had the opportunity to lead a discussion on Customer Decision Journey Mapping – a method to help healthcare marketers discover the touch points or “moments of truth” that most influence consumer decisions to select, use and advocate for healthcare services, providers and brands.  By gaining deep insights into how consumers learn about, seek and evaluate healthcare providers – and how they judge the experience – marketers can better focus marketing investments on activities that convert seekers to brand loyal customers.

The slides from that session are embedded at the end of this post.

On a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the new One World Trade Center from my room on the 32nd floor of the conference hotel.  What an impressive building!

One response to “A lively healthcare marketing discussion in New York City

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