Marketing Innovations Frame Chief Marketing Officers’ 2010 Agenda

2010 marks the beginning of a new decade – one likely to be characterized by significant change and transformation in the health industry. Converging forces of payer reform, industry consolidation, consumerism, and advanced information technologies are challenging the underlying basis for competition.

Economics are front and center, creating a compelling case for the role that marketers must play in an increasingly competitive industry. What an opportune time to establish marketing leadership as a strategy-critical business competency for healthcare organizations.

It’s that opportunity that will frame the Chief Marketing Officers’ Innovator’s Studio agenda in 2010:

  • To transform marketing practice to growth-oriented strategic leadership.
  • To drive value-innovation across the health system.
  • To crusade for customer-centered practices.
  • To build powerful, sustainable brands.
  • To develop results-oriented marketing capabilities.
  • To realize market success.

The year’s first on-site intensive for the Chief Marketing Officer’s Innovator’s Studio is scheduled March 22 & 23, 2010 at the Catalyst Ranch in Chicago. The deep dive topics – Innovations in Service Line Marketing and Thinking Retail– will jump right to the heart of where marketing executives can impact their health systems’ core business and improve competitive performance.

We’ll learn from experts that have achieved dramatic results from integrated approaches to business, brand and marketing strategies for clinical service lines, ambulatory and retail health services. Come prepared to brainstorm new ideas and frame out service line marketing innovations.

For more information about The Innovator’s Studio, contact me by email ( or call me at 757.640.8515.

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