Preparing for Hurricane Irene

My colleagues in our Norfolk, Virginia based Corrigan Partners firm have spent today securing homes and property and assuring the safety of our families.  Some of our team live in flood-prone areas and have been ordered to evacuate.  We expect the weather to deteriorate overnight, with hurricane winds, rain and flooding to escalate on Saturday and continuing through the early hours of Sunday. 

If predictions hold true, it is likely that we will lose power and phone service, and have limited access to the Internet, email and voicemail.  Emergency officials have warned that it could take several days to a week or more to restore.  If you want to contact us, please do leave an email or voicemail and we will make every attempt to respond as quickly as possible. 

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we get through the storm clean-up and return to normal operations. 

When we have access to the Internet, we’ll post any changes or updates on our Facebook site at

To all of our clients, colleagues, friends and family in Irene’s path, please stay safe.   We wish you the best.


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