Communicating Quality

What marketing executive today isn’t challenged with whether and how a health system’s quality performance, reporting measures, third party recognitions and other aspects of clinical quality, patient safety and customer satisfaction improvement initiatives matter when it comes to driving preference, volume and market share.

Of course quality matters – no argument from me on that point – rather, the issue at hand for most marketers is discerning at what point quality is an ante versus a true differentiating attribute. The first step in the process is developing a full assessment of what your organization is doing and how well it is doing in comparison to others, as well as understanding the potential impact of that performance – positive or negative – on consumer preference, referral patterns, contracting leverage and pay-for-value reimbursements.

Danny Fell has kindly shared a Strategic Quality Measures Readiness Assessment that he and a colleague developed for quality planning. The assessment was designed to get groups thinking about all the ways they approach and deal with quality – but mostly from a communications standpoint. The tool is available below for your review and use in developing that ‘inventory’ of quality activities and measures that should be considered as you develop marketing strategy.

Danny Fell is an Executive Vice President with Neathawk Dubuque & Packett, a Richmond, Virginia based marketing and advertising agency. You can email him at dfell@ndp-agency and follow his marketing posts at

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