Is Your Marketing on Target for Young Moms?

If you are targeting female Gen Xers and Ys for obstetric, pediatric, urgent care, docs or other health and wellness services, The New Female Consumer: The Rise of the Real Mom is a terrific resource for health care marketers seeking to gain a better understanding of their lives, priorities, needs and motivators.

 This Advertising Age and JWT white paper explores what multiple generations of American women want when it comes to family, work and life in the 21st century, decades after the women’s liberation movement. It focuses in depth on Generation X (ages 30 to 44) and millennial (ages 18 to 29) mothers and how they differ from their older counterparts. And also examines how marketers can and should improve communications that target this demographic.

Here are a couple of insights from the study:

  • To reach this demographic, marketers need not just to communicate that the goods and services they offer are practical and convenient; they also need to make real moms feel confident and in charge.
  • Marketers should empower these female consumers to delegate to others (spouses, children, brands) so they can have more time to be who they want to be—at home, at work and on their own.
  • Marketers have to use new ways to reach a population that rarely has time to sit down to read or watch or enjoy something without simultaneously doing something else
The New Female Consumer is a free, downloadable guide chocked full of insights, data, graphs and other information to help you better understand young moms.

Click here to link to the PDF.

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