Micro-Targeting Increases Marketing ROI

Chief Marketing Officers’ Innovator’s Studio Webcast
January 21, 2010; 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST

Increased scrutiny of marketing expenditures and rising expectations for ROI have marketing executives scrambling to create a much more effective, laser-focused approach to reaching and influencing consumers and physicians.

Customized, micro-targeting to individuals is fast becoming the standard to optimize marketing performance. In this first virtual work session of 2010, Innovator’s Studio CMOs will learn how one health system:

  • Developed an automated marketing system to reach key customer audiences
  • Developed interest-specific messaging
  • Tied processes and data together between intertwined systems (web, call center, etc.
  • Identified and responded to qualified leads
  • Achieved and measured business impact.

Halifax Health (Daytona Beach, Florida) refocused its marketing investments by integrating online and offline marketing, and employing a combination of CRM, eMarketing automation, analytics and reporting systems. This was achieved by its marketing and finance teams working together to integrate marketing data with procedures to track revenue and marketing attribution.

Ann Martorano, hospital administrator and chief marketing officer for Halifax Health, will be joined by Tanya Andreadis, Halifax director of marketing and eBusiness, and by Bill Moschella, principal and CEO of eVariant to share their case study. Navvis & Company vice president Carla Bryant will facilitate the meeting.

Innovator’s Studio clients can contact Jody Corrigan (jcorrigan@navvisandcompany.com) to register for the work session. To learn more about the Innovator’s Studio, please contact me at 757.640.8515 or kcorrigan@navvisandcompany.com.

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