Market Research Study Focuses on eHealth Trends for Consumers and Health Professionals

Healthcare market research firm Manhattan Research recently releasedTaking the Pulse® Hospitals, a research study that focuses on the behaviors, attitudes, and future interests of consumers, physicians and nurses as relates to their use of technology for health. The market data comes from over 10,000 in-depth interviews, and is tailored for use by hospital and health system marketing teams.

A few eHealth trends as a preview of Taking the Pulse Hospitals:

  • Almost 160 million U.S. adults go online for health information
  • About 35% of the U.S. adults use social media for health and medical purposes
  • 64% of U.S. physicians use smartphones.
  • Approximately three out of four U.S. nurses recommend health websites to patients.

The research study was designed to support hospitals and health systems that are re-evaluating strategies for communicating with patients and stakeholders. It includes topics such as the health resource media mix, physician-patient relationship and connectivity, social media, electronic health records, mobile phones and applications, email newsletters, practice technology profile, and patient education.

You can download a complimentary white paper discussing the latest trends in how consumers and healthcare professionals use the Internet for health at

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