Lynne Cunningham’s Book Reviews

What a treat to open my email and find a post from long time friend and colleague Lynne Cunningham with the Studer Group. That’s because – for years now – Lynne has provided many of us in the healthcare marketing field with the invaluable service of reading and reviewing many, many books and articles. I am thrilled to share Lynne’s reviews with you and hope you’ll find them helpful in building your marketing leadership resource library.

 Here are a couple of Lynne’s recent summaries:

Chasing the Rabbit: How Market Leaders Outdistance the Competition and How Great Companies can Catch Up and Win, by Steven Spear. How can companies perform so well that their industry counterparts are competitors in name only? Although they operate in the same industry, serve the same market, and even use the same suppliers, these “rabbits” lead the race and, more importantly, continually widen their lead. In Chasing the Rabbit, Steven J. Spear describes what sets high-velocity, market-leading organizations apart and explains how you can lead the pack in your industry.

Lynne’s take: Another good book to help you focus on process improvement efforts. The book includes lots of healthcare examples. There are also great examples to study to learn more about how to focus and spread best practices.

Excellence in the ED by Stephanie Baker. For years healthcare professionals believed creating excellence in the emergency department was next to impossible. And it’s true that too many patients, too few resources and too few hours in the day add up to big challenges. Yet where there’s a will—and a team of passionate, caring staff members—there’s most definitely a way. By implementing proven, evidence-based tools and techniques, leaders can overcome the excuses and create an ED where employees and physicians want to work and patients want to receive care.

Lynne’s take: This book includes great case studies and testimonials. Learning Points at the end of each chapter reinforce key concepts. This is the textbook for how Hardwiring Excellence meets the Emergency Department. ED staff and physicians will instantly be able to relate.

You can browse through more of Lynne’s book reviews and recommendations at

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