Building the Case for Brand Alignment

“The New Brand Mastery: Integrated Business, Brand and Marketing Strategies to Drive Growth” is the topic title for a session that Joel English of BVK, Rob Klein of Klein & Partners, and I will be presenting at this year’s annual SHSMD conference (Orlando, Florida; September 30 – October 3, 2009). Our premise is three-fold:

    1. First, the central and foundational asset in competitive strategy is an organization’s brand and the leverage it provides to drive growth, profitability and customer loyalty
    2. Second, organizational misalignment – across operational, clinical, business development and marketing functions – is the primary cause of brand under-performance and wastes marketing dollars
    3. Conversely, brand alignment results in a powerful, relevant and differentiated brand-driven culture by transforming an organization from one that simply ‘promotes a brand’ to one that ‘delivers the brand.’

During the session, we’ll provide a multi-dimensional exploration of brand as an essential business strategy for healthcare organizations, present a framework for developing, activating, growing and protecting the brand as a strategy-critical asset, and illustrate return on investment in terms of volume, revenue and market performance.

Our session is scheduled for Friday, October 2, 2009 from 10:15 to 11:30 am. To learn more about this year’s SHSMD Conference and download a schedule of events, click here: SHSMD 2009 Conference.

I hope to see you there – stop by to say ‘hello’ at The Strategy Group booth in the exhibition hall.

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