Chief Marketing Officers Convene at Innovators’ Studio

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with healthcare marketing executives at the Chief Marketing Officers’ Innovators’ Studio. This group meets three times yearly in ‘deep dive’ working sessions designed to advance the discipline and practice of marketing as a driving force for growth and innovation in health systems. Our July session had a two-fold aim: (1) the evolving role of the marketing executive as chief growth officer and (2) transformation of the marketing operation to that of a strategy-critical business competency.

Over the course of two days, we dissected the current state of marketing in healthcare organizations and created a framework in which to evolve marketing’s role and competencies as the organizational growth engine. We took a hard look at the professional skills requirements for chief marketing executives, the capability requirements of future-ready marketing organizations, and the marketing performance expectations that should be requirements at the C-suite.

How fortunate we were to have Scott Davis, author of The Shift, and Don Friedman, chief marketing officer for CA, as guest catalysts for this work session. Their insights, perspectives and experiences seeded valuable ideas and stimulated much discussion.

Over the coming month, I’ll be blogging on the ‘ah ha’s’, explorations and recommendations from the CMO’s Innovator’s Studio and invite you to join in with your own questions, observations, comments and BIG IDEAS.

Karen Corrigan

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