Rapidly Restructuring Healthcare Markets Require New Approaches to Brand Management

Ever more complex health system structures, physician relationships, expanding clinical portfolios, new business ventures and expansion into new markets require a proactive, focused and purposeful plan to build and leverage brand equity across the enterprise – across geography – across constituencies.

Today, health systems’ approaches to branding must evolve to address and manage the complexities of:

  • Hospital and health system mergers & acquisitions
  • Physician integration, joint ventures and owned medical practices
  • Ambulatory, post acute and retail diversification
  • Academic, technology and business partnerships
  • Multi-market, multi-state expansion initiatives
  • Enterprise IT/EHR/Website strategies
  • Co-branding/co-marketing relationships

This requires more sophisticated methods for determining, managing, and building brand portfolios in diversified health systems, addressing multiple facilities, strategic business units, markets, physician integration, and partnering ventures. Because at the end of the day, the objective isn’t what to call something, it’s market leverage.

Karen Corrigan

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